Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are every ones favorite in this house hold, we're all home together! The kittens are running circles around each other, Aidens doing flips in my belly, Shawn's drinking a very tall glass of coffee, and I'm drinking some chocolate milk.

Kittens and Aiden are usually the first to wake up, Shadow and Missy normally decide about 6am that it's time to play and shortly after I think Aiden wants to join in. Shawn and I are sleeping (or at least trying) as Missy and Shadow play fight and chase each other all around our bedroom, jumping on and off the bed and sometimes on mommy's head, then onto each other. Aiden starts the morning sleeping with his head on the right side of mommy's tummy and his feet at the left, usually after the second time Shadow jumps on mommy's legs Aiden's done a complete flip and has his feet at the other side (If those aren't his feet then he's learned how to punch pretty hard!). By the time Missy miscalculates her jump off of the bed and onto Shadows head (Yes this happens pretty much every time, I think she's like me and has no depth perception) and has made an interesting "Humph" noise as she lands on the ground instead, Aiden decides that his flip flop didn't wake up mommy so it's time for another. This time he gets his feet pointing straight down and kicks right onto mommy's bladder, TA-DA! mommy's awake and running to the bathroom before she pees her pants! If daddy can sleep through all of this, mommy opens the door and tells the kittens it's time to go down stairs, at which point Shadow always meow's as loud as he can and mommy shuts the door to the bed room so daddy doesn't wake up. I should note my attempts not to have Shadow wake him are pretty useless when he runs back upstairs a few minutes later and meow's and scratches at the door til daddy gets out of bed.

Once everyone is officially awake the real rumpus starts, now the kittens have the whole house to tear apart and they take full advantage, jumping onto and off of couches, crawling under tables or for Missy carpets (for some reason she thinks she's hiding it's pretty cute!).  Daddy makes his monster glass of coffee, mommy gets kittens their Saturday morning treat of "kitten milk" (Its a milk substitute for cats that's not hard on their digestion like milk), and then gets her glass of chocolate milk. Mommy normally makes bagels and we all sit on the couch together and watch some T.V. (Shadow and Missy lose interest pretty fast and are off to explore the house).

Usually by about 10-10:30 everyone has relaxed, the kitten's have settled into the basement windows for some bird and bee watching, Aiden's calmed down with the flips and is now stretching and getting comfortable, and mommy and daddy are discussing what their going to do that day as their putting everything from breakfast away and getting ready for showers.

Shower time is Shadow's favorite, he'll drop everything (even if there's another cat outside that he's mocking) and ran upstairs to the bathroom to "Help" us get ready. Shadow "Helping" us get ready is hilarious, he'll stand just outside the shower and attack the water dripping down the shower door, and once your done and the water's been turned off he goes in and investigates! Normally while Shadow's doing this Missy is "hiding" underneath the little carpet outside the bathroom (We have a little carpet covering up a bleach stain on the carpet that's been there since we bought the house, Missy thinks this is her hiding spot).

The end of Saturday mornings is kind of bitter sweet, your excited to get ready and go do things, but it's so peaceful and perfect right there on the couch.

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