Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My How Time Fly's

I occured to me today that it has been over a year since my last post and my have things changed since then. It's amazing to me looking back to see all of the changes in our lives that God has presented us with. So a quick run down to get us all up to date again.... August 2011 - Shawn and I Seperated October 2011 - I moved out into my own appartment for the first time ever! October 2011 - I road tripped to California with Greg to visit Kelsey and Andrew and get a little bit of a vacation prior to Hailey's arrival. Being the stubborn independant person that I am, I insisted on driving the entire way myself which lead to very funny inside jokes. HAY!!!!!!!! November 5th, 2011 - Aiden's first birthday! Novemeber 6h, 2011 - With Dr. permission and clearance I ran a 5k in 45mins! November 7th, 2011 - Hailey attempts to come early and mommy is rushed to the hospital to stop labor. I am placed on a restricted work/bedrest schedule. Basically I wasn't allowed to be out of bed/couch unless I was at work and then I was only permitted to get up for lunch breaks/ Bathroom breaks and to leave. I was also started on medications to attempt to stop and slow contractions to attempt to keep Hailey in for as long as possible. November 12th, 2011 - I have another bout of strong contractions that are 5mins apart but thankfully are not affecting my cervix. The Dr. advises me that if my cervix does decide to dialate further they will not stop labor because the drugs used to do so are too harmful to use more than once. November 26th, 2011 - Kirk and Jo are married!!!!!!! December 11th, 2011 - While talking on the phone with Michelle we discuss how amazing it would be if Hailey were to come while everyone was in town visiting for Christmas. How neat would it be if everyone got to be here for her birth! December 12th, 2011 - I finally filed for divorce. I also decided to ignore bed rest instructions and go grocery shopping because I was out of ingrediants for the cookies I was making for Jo's cookie exchange party that evening. Half way through Target Hailey decides that it really is time to come and I went full blown labor. An hour into full blown labor, after passing another mom, huffing and puffing, when asked if I should go to the hospital it finally dawned on me that I'm in full blown labor and no longer just having annoying pre-term contactions. I called my Dr. and my mom to let them know that it's finally time. After driving home and putting away the groceries that I had purchased, finishing the batter for the cookies I was half way through and considered baking but my mom wouldn't let me. Finally I let my mom drive me to the hospital, still convinced that this is just another episode of pre-term labor that wasn't affecting my cervix. Once at the hospital it becomes obvious that this is the realy thing and little miss Hailey will be making her way into the world sometime in the next 48 hours. After hours of walking, bouncing on a ball and more walking the hospital staff determines that it is time to administer the epidural and IV. In true Jessica style, it took 5 attempts to get an IV going and 7 to get the epidural correctly placed. Patrick, Michelle, Grandma and Donovan arrive at the hospital around 5pm after flying in from out of state. I of coarse missed the infamous cookie party and everyone thinks that I've flaked out on them. Little do they know I'm in the hospital awaiting Hailey's arrival! Around 8pm the nurses decide that it's time for my visitors to go home for the night since I was only 4cm dialated and Hailey was most likely not going to be making her way into the world until morning. Michelle like the amazingly faithful sister in law stays with me over night keeping me company. Staying true to myself the epidural has almost no effect what so ever on the pain from the contractions and my dose was upped many times throughout the night. At 2:00am the nurse came in and checked me again and stated that it was time to call the Dr. because it was time. As soon as she turned around we all heard a loud pop and a gush of water as my water broke. Michelle called and texted Shawn, the nurse stayed with me telling me not to push and wiggle my toes to distract me from the urge to push. Have you even tried not to push when everything in your body is telling you to push!?!?!?!? At 2:20 the Dr. arrives and Michelle gets ahold of Shawn to let him know it's time. At 2:35am Hailey Marie Mares is born!!!! Shortly after Hailey was born my blood pressure dropped severely and immediate actions are taken to stablize me. Hailey however is small weighing in at only 6lbs 3 ounces, but happy and healthy!
December 15th, 2011 - Donovans 1st birthday!!!!
December 25th, 2011 - Hailey's 1st. Christmas!
December 27th, 2011 - Unable to afford maternatly leave any longer because the promises made about my savings were not kept by other individuals...I returned to work part time from home. December 31st 2011 - The first weekend that Shawn has Hailey. I was extremely sad but thats what good friends are for, to distract you with snow boarding!!! Unfortunately it also resulted in my first broken bone! Too bad I was too stubborn to admit it was broken until 4 days later after snowboarding twice more and my entire hand swelling to the size of an orange and my fingers turning black. OOps!
January 4th, 2012 - Pink Sparkle Cast of death makes it's first appearance! January 10th, 2012 - My 23rd birthday! January 12th, 2012 - My first official date since filing for divorce. Needless to say that didn't go exactly as planned and in an attempt to hug the poor guy I punched him with my cast. Thus it was officially named "The Pink Sparkle Cast of Death". Funny story now, but at the time I was mortified!!!!! January 14th, 2012 - I returned to work fulltime as I was completely out of money and unable to afford to remain on maternaty leave any longer. It was the saddest and hardest thing I've ever had to do! February 1st, 2012 - Short on my rent and in fear of eviction, friends stepped in and paid my rent for me so that Hailey and I would not be homeless. God was truly looking over us and our friends showed just how much we could rely on them. February 2nd, 2012 - Pink Sparkle Cast of Death is finally removed!!!! February 3rd, 2012 - Back on copper mountain showing it who's boss and this time without breaking anything!
March 16th, 2012 - The divorce is finalized. Custody and child support to be determined in April. Hailey is officially 3 months old! and I'm a McCormick again just in time for St. Patricks Day!
and the end of snowboarding season.
April 2012 - Hailey's 1st. Easter!
Final child custody and child support are determined and court ordered and everyone is happy.
May 2012 - Hailey is 5mo old! And only weighs 10 pounds she's in the 2% but the Dr. Says that she's doing great because she's on her own little curve. I attempted the dating scene again via and quickly learn that the dating game has changed a lot since the last time I tried. Between people wanting to move in and get married within the first week of knowing you to people that only wanted a hook up, it became apparent that possibly this wasn't the best way to meet people. Best story of it all has to be a date I went on up in Boulder. We met and went to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory we had an amazing time chatting and connecting and when dinner was over decided to continue our date by playing in the fountains on Pearl street then going to a bar for a few Margarita's. After about 20 mins at the bar the gentleman told me to wait right there, he was going to be right back, he had a surprize for me. After 10 mins I was fed up and decided to text him to see where he was at, no response, after casing the place looking for him I determined that I had been ditched. So like any rational women I called my friends, told them where I was and went to meet up with them ( thank goodness for having friends in Boulder!). Right after we meet up I get a text from the guy stating to hold on he might be getting arrested!. Concerned I call adn txt to ask where he is, no response. After an hour we all say screw it and decide to go out. We have a few drinks at a small bar off Pearl and decide to move on to salsa dancing our main event for the evening. While my friend and I are walking back from her car from changing shoes, we see my missing in action date talking to someone on the corner! After successfully avoiding him we finally meet up with our friends who immediately start telling us about this awesome guy they just met that paid for their cover and their first beer! Of coarse this amazing guy is none other than my missing in action date! He by this point is highly intoxicated and doesn't even recognize me and proceeded to check me out (I mean the full head to toe look)which of coarse prompted me to gently tap him on the shoulder, lean in and ask him how his arrest was! Then push my way past him to the bar to get myself a drink. Needless to say he made himself M.I.A again! I should also mention that said man txt me a few times after that night only to get very harsh denials from me. - Again a funny story now but at the time, well no at the time it was pretty funny! June 2012 - I ran the Tough Mudder
Hailey also tried swimming for the first time and loved it! I think I've got a little fishy on my hands as long as the water isn't to cold!
July 2012 - Brought 4th of July which we celebrated with Kirk and Jo and their soon to be born son Timothy!
August 2012 - Came and went without any major events.
September 2012 - Hailey officially weighs 13 pounds!!! she's finally made it to the 3%
And Hailey is introduced to FOOTBALL!!!
I also gave my notice to our appartments that we will be moving in Novemeber so that we can find something with two bedrooms because sharing a one bedroom isn't working anymore. September 27th, 2012 - I get laid off from work... Hailey and I have more time to spend together and I start looking all over, high and low for a new job. My friends keep my spirit high with fun weekend activities like the Color Me Rad 5K
October 2012 - I'm still looking for a new job and starting to get worried. I apply for unemployement and food stamps for the first time ever, and let me tell you how humbling that is. To know that you need help and can't do it on your own is something that brings you straight to God. With my new found free time we visit Uncle Dave and Aunt Billies farm and made it on Uncle Dave's birthday!
October 14th, 2012 - Katie and I decide that it would be better for everyone involved if we become roommates and look for a house for the three of us! Let the games begin! I also start tossing around the idea of instead of going back to work full time possibly going back to school full time and accomplishing that engineering degree sooner! October 16th, 2012 - Still not even a call back on any of 150 jobs I have applied to and my mind is finally set...I'm going back to school!!! FSFA filled out, applications sent and ready to take the world of school full on. We also may have found the dream home we've been praying for. Unemployement and food stamps have yet to come through and I have $200 in my checking account. However I know in my heart that God will not leave us destitute that somehow some way this will all work out. On my way to my moms house to apply for jobs my drivers side rear tire blows up, thankfully I was only going 30mph and was able to pull over and no harm came to Hailey or myself. Seeing as I had already used the spare tire on the front tire when it had gone flat weeks before, my car had to be towed to Discount tire. Amazingly the gentleman at Discount worked out a deal for me for 4 used tires for $252.00 which I was able to put on my Discount card (I have no idea how I'll pay it off but I guess thats for another day). When they were finished with my car the gentleman who was helping me walked outside with me and explained that they didn't actually have any used tires for my car so instead they put brand new ones on it for me, and when my tire exploded it blew the sensor for air pressure so they had replaced it at no cost. I almost cried, I still want to thinking of how amazingly greatful I am to them and how wonderful their actions were. I can only hope that someday I am able to pay it forward like that. So there is the breif (well as breif as it could be) summary of what we've been up to the last year. Things have greatly changed but I truly believe that in all of the things that has happened over the last year, God has been working for the betterment of all of our lives. Even though times are tough I'm re-learning to dance in the rain in stead of waiting for the storm to pass. God has drawn me closer to him again as unfortunately I am prone to wonder. My faith has been renewed and even in the darkest hours, and trust me there have been many over the last year, I am able to be thankful. I am truly blessed in this life and greatful for all that God has done!