Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days go by I can feel em flyin like a hand out the window in the wind

i havent posted in a while but I honestly havent had much to report on except that this year seems to be flying by. I feel like I blink and somehow its already been another month, I have already been at this new office for three months. In someways it feels like longer in others it seems like yesterday that I got out of the hellhole I was in at Dr. Mastersons office.

The baby has been growing healthy and strong so far, we've had all the precautionary tests so far except of coarse the amnio. The 12 week ultrascreen came back normal thank you Lord and as comforting as that is I still havent relaxed. I always know in the back of my mind that those reults arent a sure thing that nothings wrong, just not obviously wrong. Recently we had another blood test to see if the babyhas an increased chance of having spinal defects. Unfortunately its been a week since they drew blood and we still havent heardback from them. Every time we hve these tests done, I feel like I'm holding my breath untill we get them back. It's an odd thing to know instictively that this time it's different this time, but at the same time remember that lsst time yiu didn't think anything was wrong but every was deeply wrong.

But then again thats right where God wants me to be completely reliant on him, to trust only  what he says and not let the Devils whispers effect my resolve.

So far we've had two attempts at trying to find out who this little one is going to be. Unfortunately little one has other ideas about us knowing what he/she is. We have another attempt in a couple of weeks so I guess we shall see if little one wants to cooperate then. LOL

Well for now thats all the information that I have for now will update as soonas little one decides to give up the goods. LOL.