Thursday, August 12, 2010

How has God been faithful to you?

On Sunday our pastor preached about God always being faithful, and asked all of us to meditate on how God has been faithful to each one of us. God has been so faithful to our family, there have been many times when the unthinkable has happened in either Shawn or I's life and somehow we've made it through and each time a little better of a person because of the struggle.

God has been so faithful in bringing us Aiden, I've said many times before that there are a million and two reason's God gave us him, but in being asked how God has been faithful to me it made me think of a few great examples. According to many doctors I wasn't supposed to be able to have children, if I were able to get pregnant at all I would miscarry and would never make it into the third trimester. - Saturday marks the start of my third trimester with Aiden. Before finding out about Aiden's diagnosis, Shawn and I's relationship had taken a turn for the worst, we had been fighting non stop threatening divorce and plain and simple were not happy in our marriage. Both of us are open about admitting that things were not going well, there would be days that we wouldn't speak to each other without screaming. - After finding out Aidens diagnosis most couples marriage would be in jeopardy just because of the emotional strain of facing a fatal diagnosis for your child and making decisions about how to proceed. God saw this as the perfect opportunity to show/remind Shawn and I why we were together in the first place. Instead of pushing us apart, Aiden brought us back together and made us realize that all of the things that we would fuss and fight over were trivial and completely fixable through better communication with each other (Something we hadn't had in a long time).

God is completely faithful to all of us, sometimes we don't make time to take note of how faithful he has been. I think we all need a little reminder to think about how God has been faithful. HE is truly amazing and is the one thing you can always count on, HE is faithful! Take a moment today to think about how God has been faithful to you, and thank him for all of the blessing's that he's given you and your family.

Much love

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  1. Jessie, I can't imagine the ache in your heart, but you are so right, God is faithful. Your choice to let your little one live is a sign of your love for Him and the life He has entrusted to you and Shawn. Whatever His plans are for your family, keep your eyes on God. You, Shawn and Aiden are in my prayers!